Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Seashore 50k

Last Saturday I drove down to Va Beach to run the Seashore 50k in First Landing state park.  The race was really well put on for its second year of being run.  The weather was chilly, starting around 20 and climbing to around 40 by the end of the day.  The course starts with .75 mile on pavement (can you say black ice) and then drops into the state park.  The rest of the two laps are made up of fire road and single track.  While there were no significant climbs the trail did roll enough to keep boredom from sinking in. 

I went out way to fast and hit the half way mark in 2:37, bonked really hard for the next several miles, and then finished with a very big smile on my face.  I have run several 50s a lot slower and in this case I forgot to pick up my chip so there is no real evidence of my 6:05 finish. 

I learned several things from this run that are not limited too:  overconfidence (never hear me say "its only a 50k" again, under prepared (this is a frequent foe, notice the blog title), nutrition (for some reason I felt so good during the first half I skipped the calories needed at the aid stations and paid for it later).  I think that about encompasses the problems.

Next up some quick and short New Years runs and hopefully a 13 mile lap around a snow fallen Pocohantas Park tomorrow.

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